Pool Construction

Many homeowners worry about how the construction process will affect their homes and their lives. To ease your mind, we've assembled a step-by-step outline to help you know what to expect.


First we lay-out the pool in the yard and position it so the sun will be able to provide warmth. We go over the location with you to make sure that the positioning will fit into your future plans. We then make a drawing and take out the permit in our name, licence & insurances-libility & workers comp. The permit stage usually takes a week or two at the most. We will start the install as soon as the permits are ready.


We use an excavator, with tracks, to do the least damage to your yard during construction. We remove the excess fill from your property if it is not needed for final landscaping. Excavation for a vinyl-lined pool is a job for an experienced excavator operator. Normally, the side excavation is approximately two feet beyond the finished pool perimeter to allow for assembly and a concrete footing to be installed.


The second step includes assembly of the steel panels and stairs, coping receptor, skimmer and inlets, as well as suction and return plumbing. We begin to give your pool a final inside bottom shape at this time. Concrete is now poured around the outside of the pool for the footing to secure the walls & as an added feature, we pour concrete on the inside floor, to be coated with vermiculite later. We are now ready for the finish of vermiculite to the entire bottom to give your liner a non-abrasive floor to rest on.


Some builders pour the concrete decking once all of Step Two is completed, but in some cases and with certain water table situations, the liner will be installed before the decking is poured. This photo shows our aluminum coping. We also offer a cantilever edge where-as the concrete goes over the pool edge for a totally different appearance. The pool structure is strong enough to allow installation to proceed in either manner.


In this photo, we see the liner being installed. This is where an experienced expert makes all the difference!

The liner is vacumed down to remove any liner winkles. The water trucks are on the way and you are moments away from your first dip.


Enjoy all the health, fitness and entertainment values of a spectacular poolscape in your backyard!